Boys Varsity Wrestling · Boys Varsity Wrestling finishes 2nd place at Marysville Duals

  Place Points
Graham High School 1st 4
Marysville High School 2nd 3
Springboro High School 3rd 2
Teays Valley High School 4th 1
Big Walnut High School 5th 0

The Marysville wrestling team finished with a dual record of 3-1, after notching victories over Big Walnut, Teays Valley and Springboro the Monarchs fell to Nationally ranked St. Paris Graham in the last round of wrestling.
The Monarch wrestlers will host Gahanna at Home on Wednesday JV wrestling starts at 6:00pm, Varsity to follow. This will also be our military appreciation night, all active service members and veterans to be recognized.

Results from Marysville Duals
Marysville 67 Big Walnut 10
106: Quentin Miller (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
113: Michael Jones (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
120: Jaimeson Bigler (MAHS) over Christian Jodrey (BIWA) (Fall 1:06)
126: Payne Miller (MAHS) over Levi Piceno (BIWA) (Fall 0:46)
132: Cole Hosterman (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
138: Jayden Simmons (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
145: Cole Foster (BIWA) over Sam Shroyer (MAHS) (MD 12-4)
152: Walker Heard (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
160: Jake Marsh (MAHS) over Ryan Coletta (BIWA) (Fall 3:19)
170: Tyler Bates (MAHS) over Josh Halbakken (BIWA) (MD 15-3)
182: Nathan DeWitt (MAHS) over (BIWA) (For.)
195: Henry Sydnor (BIWA) over Jacob Ishmael (MAHS) (Fall 2:48)
220: Logan Painter (MAHS) over Noah Mason (BIWA) (Dec 7-0)
285: Tyler Connolly (MAHS) over Tanner Daniels (BIWA) (Fall 3:50)

Marysville 57 Teays Valley 15
113: Michael Jones (MAHS) over darren mcdomald (TEVA) (Fall 0:41)
120: Jaimeson Bigler (MAHS) over zach cline (TEVA) (Fall 3:43)
126: Payne Miller (MAHS) over nate hammond (TEVA) (Fall 5:03)
132: Cole Hosterman (MAHS) over Cly Righman (TEVA) (MD 13-2)
138: Jacob williams (TEVA) over Jayden Simmons (MAHS) (Fall 1:27)
145: Sam Shroyer (MAHS) over Dillon Plum (TEVA) (Dec 13-6)
152: Walker Heard (MAHS) over jeremiah thompson (TEVA) (Fall 1:18)
160: Jake Marsh (MAHS) over Emmanuel Johnson (TEVA) (TF 20-4 0:00)
170: Tyler Bates (MAHS) over Sam Fabro (TEVA) (Fall 1:14)
182: Nathan DeWitt (MAHS) over hunter young (TEVA) (Fall 1:40)
195: blaz Beane (TEVA) over Jacob Ishmael (MAHS) (Fall 0:40)
220: josh Feyh (TEVA) over Logan Painter (MAHS) (Dec 6-3)
285: Tyler Connolly (MAHS) over Jaden Smith (TEVA) (Dec 3-1)
106: Quentin Miller (MAHS) over gaige gest (TEVA) (Fall 1:13)

Marysville 47 Springboro 22
120: Jaimeson Bigler (MAHS) over Lance Harlow (SPRI) (Fall 1:24)
126: Kevin Chitsaz (SPRI) over Payne Miller (MAHS) (Dec 13-7)
132: Mason Kleinberg (SPRI) over Cole Hosterman (MAHS) (MD 14-2)
138: Parker Bell (SPRI) over Jayden Simmons (MAHS) (Dec 9-4)
145: Maxwell Blitz (SPRI) over Sam Shroyer (MAHS) (Fall 2:48)
152: Walker Heard (MAHS) over Will Coffield (SPRI) (Fall 2:44)
160: Jake Marsh (MAHS) over Mark Calcaterra (SPRI) (Fall 2:36)
170: Tyler Bates (MAHS) over Jacob Stamcoff (SPRI) (TF 18-3 0:00)
182: Nathan DeWitt (MAHS) over Jacob Kowalski (SPRI) (Dec 6-3)
195: Jacob Kowalski (SPRI) over Jacob Ishmael (MAHS) (Fall 0:22)
220: Logan Painter (MAHS) over Wade Humphrey (SPRI) (Dec 3-1)
285: Tyler Connolly (MAHS) over Kevin `Tripp` Johnson (SPRI) (Fall 1:29)
106: Quentin Miller (MAHS) over Michael Gust (SPRI) (Fall 0:10)
113: Michael Jones (MAHS) over Reid Salzer (SPRI) (Fall 2:49)

Marysville 18 Graham 46
126: Jordan Crace (SPG) over Payne Miller (MAHS) (Fall 1:08)
132: Isaiah Stickley (SPG) over Cole Hosterman (MAHS) (Fall 1:06)
138: Josh Dooley (SPG) over Jayden Simmons (MAHS) (Dec 9-2)
145: Mitch Moore (SPG) over Sam Shroyer (MAHS) (Fall 0:34)
152: Joey Sanchez (SPG) over Walker Heard (MAHS) (Dec 2-1)
160: Jake Marsh (MAHS) over Ryan Thomas (SPG) (Dec 3-1)
170: Rocky Jordan (SPG) over Tyler Bates (MAHS) (MD 17-5)
182: Andrew Shaffer (SPG) over Nathan DeWitt (MAHS) (Dec 3-1)
195: Jacob Ishmael (MAHS) over (SPG) (For.)
220: Johnny Shaffer (SPG) over Logan Painter (MAHS) (Fall 2:50)
285: Tyler Connolly (MAHS) over James (Trey) Pence (SPG) (Fall 3:07)
106: Trace Braun (SPG) over Quentin Miller (MAHS) (Dec 9-6)
113: Tanner Jordan (SPG) over Michael Jones (MAHS) (Fall 1:12)
120: Jaimeson Bigler (MAHS) over hayden lingrell (SPG) (Dec 13-7)

Individual records for the day
4-0 Jaimeson Bigler, Jake Marsh, Tyler Connolly
3-1 Walker Heard, Tyler Bates, Nathan Dewitt, Michael Jones, Quentin Miller
2-2 Payne Miller, Cole Hosterman, Logan Painter,
1-3 Sam Shroyer, Jayden Simmons, Jacob Ishmael

Also getting matches for the Monarchs Zach Lowe, Joey Palmer, Jacob Legge, and Chris Lambert