Monarchs News · #MyMonarchMemory

Monarch Nation:

I think it is easy to see that there are a lot of differing opinions, outlooks, and theories on social media, including a lot of negativity regarding this pandemic and the effects it has had on our daily lives.  I would like for us all to try something that will help spread some positivity for your athletes, families, and our community….
The Marysville Athletic Department challenges you to find a picture of competition, practice, taking part in a community service project, team function, etc. and post on social media outlets with the hashtag “#MyMonarchMemory“.
Unfortunately many of you as student athletes have lost out on opportunities to compete, be with teammates & coaches, and create memories that can be taken with you long after being a student athlete but this is a way that we can help celebrate the good times and promote a positive outlook when it is needed the most.  We want to make sure you are being celebrated as much as possible and I encourage everyone to like/share/retweet/etc.
Parents, you can join in this initiative too!  Post your favorite pictures our your student athletes and use the hashtag to help share great memories.
Let’s spread positivity and Be The Benchmark by choosing to focus on the good and showcase our student athletes by promoting #MyMonarchMemory